There’s a bird in the library

Kia ora!

Sunday was actually quite productive.  I managed to catch the bus into town and hop on the one returning to Massey without having to wait the two hours for the one after it.  Go me!  I succeeded in purchasing a new bike seat, but I haven’t tested it out yet so hopefully it will be good.  I ran into some people – again reiterating my point that Palmy is extremely small – so I meandered about with them, got some food, hit up the library because there is FREE internet there, and had lunch.  Then a bunch of us did some studying and whatnot.  Hurray!  There are people like me here. 🙂

We had a hall meeting where we played more ice breakers.  I don’t know what it is, but everyone always seems to pretend to hate ice breakers.  True, some of them are corny and whatnot, but who cares.  Deep down I think people enjoy them.  I know I do.  They are amusing – it’s as simple as that.  The line for dinner after our meeting was manageable, but it was a good thing we got there when we did because it became ridiculous a few minutes later.  I don’t understand why there are two sides in which they can serve food and choose to only open one side when there are massive lines.  WE ARE HUNGRY!  You guys created two lines for a reason: USE THEM! 

More exploring of the park occurred after food.  We discovered that the never ending staircases lead to other halls and such.  Wouldn’t want to walk that to my 8AM class, but that’s just me.   There’s also an awesome little ‘garden’ that seems untouched by the world.  Never mind the fact that the grass isn’t obnoxiously out of hand.  At one point I definitely went into my own little world and I’m pretty sure I freaked out the people I was with.  I’m not usually that susceptible when I am around other people, but water under the bridge is much too entrancing, I guess. 

I’m annoyed with the stupid phone situation here.  I bought a SIM card the other day, thinking it would be good to be able to contact other humans once classes started and all.  Well, the geniuses who sold me the card (and half the campus, since they had a tent out here on Market Day – a.k.a. day where a lot of free stuff is given out on the Concourse) forgot to activate them.  So me thinking my phone was just special – what else is new – went back there to see if they could help me, but yeah.  So it should be working today or tomorrow, but we shall see how accurate that is by the end of tomorrow.  If not, I’ll be spending another $2.60 to get to town to yell at them since I still have not gotten my real ID card, which allows free bus services.  And I thought Riddle was the only place to give you the run around.

Classes started today.  It’s been a pretty light day for me – only two classes and they didn’t even start until noon!  Craziness!  Before class, I got my medical so I can go diving!  Now all I need is a place with more convenient dates!  I managed to do some reading for my class in between the doc and class and all that other stuff that people do while using a computer with internet – check e-mail, facebook, you know, the essentials.  My first class was pretty sweet, but I couldn’t help finding myself missing the Riddle ratio – 5 guys in a class of 50 is just not something I am used to! 

Well, I got my wish in my next class, where I am the only female.  That’s more like it!  Although the change didn’t have to be that drastic.  So for the first six weeks (at least for now) the 8AM class I have on Tuesdays is cancelled.  Hurray!  Now I start at noon everyday except Wednesday, when I have a class at 9 and then a huge gap until 4.  That’s only slightly obnoxious, and Friday, when I have a lab at 9, but that should be fun.  I hope. 


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