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This evening, well  really this morning seeing as it is nearly 3AM, I am in a mood to rant.  I have had a few things on my mind that I have vented about in my head or to some other poor, innocent folk, who are amazing and put up with me in spite of it all, but I have decided to go public on some topics that have annoyed me, so that you can identify if you have ever committed any of these deplorable acts and avoid them like the plague in the future OR so that you now know you are not alone in feeling the wrath towards these people and things that just set you off. 

I will start with people who get water on the floor.  WHAT IN THE WORLD ARE YOU DOING THAT THE FLOOR IS SOAKED FOR HOURS ON END?  I cannot imagine how it is possible to drench an entire floor and counter surrounding the sink in a bathroom and yet you people manage to do it.  KNOCK IT OFF!  Clean up after yourselves!  I shouldn’t have to jump over puddles every time I need to use the bathroom or wash my hands.  And showers.  Come on, guys.  Is it really that hard to keep the water in the shower stall?!  Seriously.  It’s annoying.  And it’s dangerous.  If I slip and fall one day, I will sue!  I don’t care if people don’t sue in New Zealand.  I know a guy! 

My next biggest pet peeve for the time being is not necessarily an act of a person, per say, but with the light switches in this country.  They are backwards.  Yes, when you flick a light switch in the down position, that is turning the light on here.  WHAT THE HECK?!?  Common sense deems that up should be on.  When all the cartoons with lightbulbs go on, it is always over a person’s head.  Lights come on above things, like ceilings.  Therefore, switches should be reversed throughout this country and any other place in which they are backwards.  I a sick of always turning on a light when I leave a room during the day because I think it is on when, in fact, it is off because the switch is down.  Oy!

Driving on the wrong side of the road.  Let’s face it: we(Americans, most Europeans, etc) drive on the right side of the road.  It is as simple as that.  Here in New Zealand, people drive on the left.  There is no way you can say this is the right side because it is the left, leaving you on the opposite of the right: wrong.  There you go.  I will be amazed if I do not get hit by something before I leave here.  Just when I think I have the whole which side are you going to be on thing down, you people (anyone who drives/walks/etc on the left) screw it up.  The other day, someone was driving on the right side of the road (as opposed to the left).  Be consistent people!  If you are going to insist on driving on the left, actually do it!  Jeez!  And the same goes for passing people when walking!  Don’t get in a huff when you are walking down the street in a LINE of people and none of you make the slightest movement to let other people pass and so we move to the right and not the left.  It shouldn’t matter to you anyway, since you are a human chain which would get annoyed regardless of which side  outsiders pass you on.  Deal with it. 

Drunk people.  You people can be funny sometimes.  You can also be incredibly annoying.  And I suppose this is perfectly acceptable if this is an occasional thing that you do and whatever.  But when you are getting wasted every night and then being loud and obnoxious until all hours in the morning, it’s not cute anymore.  Sober up and go to sleep before the sun comes up for once.  This will allow other people to do the same instead of coming up with clever ways to murder you by poisoning your next alcoholic beverage, which we all know will be right around the corner.  Not that I’m giving anyone ideas or anything.  And for those of you coming back from town in massive groups on those nights when you simply can’t resist getting trashed: BE QUIET!  It is the middle of the freaking night when you get back.  People are trying to sleep!  Show some respect.

You people who insist anytime a member of the opposite sex is talking to you, he or she is hitting on you.  Listen to me now.  GET OVER YOURSELF.  This is not always the case.  I will admit that there are occasions when this is true, but seriously people.  You can have friends of the other gender without them wanting to get in your pants.

And finally, my personal favorite, people who talk about other people behind their backs.  WHAT IN THE WORLD IS WRONG WITH YOU?  If you want to say something about someone or you have a problem with someone, say it to said person, not the rest of the world.  If you can’t say something to the person, you shouldn’t be saying it at all.  Forget if you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say it.  We all know that’s virtually impossible for most of the human world.  But talking behind people’s backs is just pathetic.  No one likes hearing someone else was talking smack about him or her to everyone else.  Give people a fair chance to defend themselves from whatever you need to complain about or don’t bother.

OK.  So I am done with the ranting for now.  I was too tired to actually post this last night when I wrote it, so I shall update the rest of my week now and then publish.  I forget where I left off, so I’ll go to Wednesday since that seems like a good place to pick up.  I only have two classes and of course they are from 9-10 and then 4-5.  So I have a huge gap where I usually have no idea what to do.  Well, I had a test on Thursday, so I actually studied in between talking to some friends on Skype and finding people downstairs making food and sharing.  I love the hall I live in.  Then Wednesday night fire club people went to the circus and then for some drinks afterwards.  Good times. 

Thursday morning a blaring siren and annoying voice saying “Evacuate the building” forced me from my bed.  Damn fire alarms.  I managed to finally go back to bed afterwards though, failing epically to wake up earlier to study some more.  Oh well.  The test went fine.  Classes were classes and then food at the dining hall was horrible as that seems to be the new trend there.  At least it used to be somewhat edible.  The last few days it just failed.  Friday I had two labs, but they weren’t so bad.  Now I just have to do the lab reports.  Sigh.  Work.  Not taking classes for six months really messes with things.  Friday evening was the lantern festival for Chinese New Year.  I have no clue when actual Chinese New Year is or was, but good times.  People from fire club were performing, so I joined them afterwards for some spinning and amusement.  All I can say is pink fluffy unicorns dancing on rainbows.  🙂

Yesterday was a pretty chill day.  Went for a walk with a friend trying to figure out which classes I should take next semester in the pouring rain for an hour.  When we returned, more amazing food awaited us.  Again.  I love my hall.  Had an awesome lunch before catching some of the rugby game all of twenty feet away from our hall before continuing to be an epitome of a bum.  Movie night!  Finally saw Avatar.  I am impressed.  Although it is WAY too long.  I cannot sit still for that long.  Jeez.  My attention span is pathetic. 

Today I decided I could avoid the rain and make it to Dive HQ from Massey and back without getting drenched.  EPIC FAIL.  Not only did it decide to rain, but it was torrential downpours.  Of course it stopped when I got to Dive HQ, but started right up again a few minutes after I left.  And then stopped once I made it to Massey.  GRR!!  Oh well.  After that, however, I was productive, as I managed to write my entire case study that’s due in two weeks.  And I did laundry!  And uploaded pictures to facebook from the past month or so.  Yeah.  Go me.  I rock.  🙂 

Calling it a night, as I just established that it is past midnight here!



I decided to have a go with absynth the other night

Hum dee dum dum dum…  I would like to preface this post with the fact that I am a failure in the blogging world.  Hmm…  Why do I say this??  Well, let’s just say (and you will figure this out once you read on) that I TOTALLY thought I posted this two weeks ago.  Haha.  It was done and everything and just sitting in my drafts folders.  I feel special.  :/  I know I hit publish.  Damn internet.  Yes, that is what we shall blame it on…  SO!!  IF you haven’t already read the last post (entitled “If your phone alarm went off on an airplane, they’d stone you in the Middle Ages”) READ THIS ONE FIRST!  🙂  Sorry bout that guys!!

Greetings my followers!

It has been a while.  But I have been busy!  Well, depends on your definition of busy, but that’s just a minor detail.  The weekend was a major weather disappointment.  Definitely demolished my epic plans to explore the middle of forests and whatnot.  Not only did it rain for most of the weekend, but ever since it has been so freaking COLD!  It’s terrible!  Gradual descent to zero-like temperatures (Celsius, people… Yes, I have been converted) is perfectly fine.  But when you go from a nice, sunny 15 degrees to 4 overnight, it is not so pleasant!  Dear weather: IT IS STILL SUMMER!  I have lived in Florida for two years, which has completely destroyed my immunity to the cold.  PLEASE REMAIN AT SUMMER-LIKE TEMPERATURES!  Wow.  Never thought I would be saying that!

So yeah, this weekend: I was a bum!  Well, I ended up walking into town again and getting some food for my middle of the night snacks.  And that sort of thing, but mostly I hung out with people from my hall, played card games and ping-pong, and watched TV.  It was nice to just relax and have nothing to really do though.  AND we bonded.  Yeah.  Nothing better than bonding, right?  Go me being all socially interactive and everything!

Classes on Monday and Tuesday weren’t too bad.  I really don’t like starting my day at noon, but I must admit, I was VERY happy I did not have to wake up early.  Like today.  And I couldn’t fall asleep last night.  Go figure.  The world is out to get me.  Yeah, that’s right.  It’s because I’m Norwegian.  I’m sure of it.  But it’s all good.  AND I am getting involved here!  Wow, more of these social experiences – crazy, I know!  Monday night was the Alpine Club meeting.  Seems like a group that was invented for me – everything and anything to do with being outdoors.  Can’t go wrong!  So I signed up for that and got a cool little membership card and everything.  Epic. 

Then last night, I went with a friend from my hall to the Fire Spinners meeting.  Now, I had debated joining this club and whether or not I wanted to go for several reasons, which I don’t feel like going into at the moment, but let’s just end with, I AM SO GLAD I DID!   SUCH good times.  And aside from the fact that I lost count of how many times I actually slammed a hackey-sack like object into some random part of me – especially the one that clocked me right in the eye –   I enjoyed myself immensely.  Definitely not helping my reputation of NOT being a pyro, but what can I say? 

Today is Ash Wednesday, so I finally decided I would give up Coke.  My precious source of crystalline xanthine – that’s caffeine for normal people!  Chaos and darkness have ensued.  AND it’s only been eleven hours! 😦  39 days and 13 hours left.  AH!  I am excited for this evening though!  For whatever reason, The Centre hosts FREE pancake nights every Wednesday.  Tonight, this is exciting for more than just the obvious reason of free pancakes!  This is due to the fact that since I cannot eat meat today, I would have been forced to order the vegetarian option on the massively long line for food.  The problem with this is that when one asks what the vegetarian option is, a disgruntled server points to what is usually the most unappetizing choice possible that has hardly been touched.  On top of that, when one inquires as to what this disturbing choice of a meal actually is, the reply is typically “vegetarian.”  This DOES NOT help you determine what said option is.  Sometimes the idea of it being vegetarian is even questionable.  So the next few Fridays should be interesting to say the least.  BUT, this problem does not have to be addressed until then, so we shall not worry about it for now.  After all, FREE PANCAKES TONIGHT! 

So after going to church in a bit and finishing my laundry – go me, being ultra-productive today – I will be meandering into town in order to take care of some other business.  Yeah, that’s right.  Still being productive!  🙂  And on that note, I will be ending this post so I can get some homework out of the way. 

Until next time, my faithful readers!

If your phone alarm went off on an airplane, they’d stone you in the Middle Ages.


This week has gone by remarkably fast.  I am amazed that is already Tuesday evening.  So where have I been since I last posted? Lots of places!  On Friday afternoon, I met my parents in Auckland and we explored there a bit before hitting the sack and then embarking on our epic journey to the North.  We drove for a few hours – on the wrong side of the road, may I add (not legitimately, they just drive on the left here) – seeing AMAZING sights.  I mean, they just don’t look real! It was all fun and everything and we were able to randomly stop along the highway to check out awesome views and walk along some of the random beaches that just appear along the roads.  Awesomeness.  Of course the signs that were ALL over the highways saying “Tidal Surges, KEEP OFF THE BEACH.” were completely ignored until we walked out to a sandbar in one area and as soon as we got back the entire thing was covered.  I mean, it could have just been high tide, but after that, we decided to play it a little safer.  On the sand bar, however, I found this epic bone of something.  I have no clue what it used to belong to, but it looks so cool! 
The view from my home

After stopping in this cute little town for lunch/snack, we continued North until we stopped at the place I will call home one day.  WOW.  That place was amazing.  Now I just need to become a multimillionaire so I can buy the property and all the surrounding so I don’t have to deal with any other people ruining my awesome home.  We’ll see how that goes, I guess.  We drove all the way up to the North.  Winding, uphill roads, random sheep and cows in the road, and driving on the wrong side: EPICNESS.  The view was amazing once we reached our destination.  The water is so fake.  I don’t care what other people say.  It’s NOT real. It is all an illusion! 

Almost the very top of the North Island

Afterwards, we decided to make our way to Rotorua and figured we would stop somewhere along the way there to sleep.  Well, that failed beyond belief.  Everything closes before normal people go to sleep.  And that includes gas stations!  Slightly frustrating, but around 11, we found an open petrol station and a 24 hour McDonald’s around the corner from there.  We still felt good about driving, so we proceeded on.  We got to a town an hour outside of Auckland and decided to take a two hour nap in the car as we were all exhausted by then.  Once we got to Auckland we checked with way too many hotels, but supposedly they were all booked.  I was partially asleep, however, so I don’t remember much except magically appearing in Rotorua at some obscure time in the AM.  PHEW!  Sulpher!  We checked out one of the free parks with bubbling springs and whatnot before moving on to Taupo. 

Lake Taupo

What a gorgeous little town!  We ended up there by accident, but it was awesome to see sailboats and planes landing on the lake.  We had lunch before pressing on to Tongariro National Park, also known as Mordor.  SO COOL!  We didn’t climb it, but I plan to soon!  And then hopefully ski it! 🙂 

Mt. Doom!

The week went by surprisingly quick.  The parents spent a few nights in Palmy, but for the most part they were off exploring more of the North Island.   Last Monday, we had fire warden training.  For some obscure and ridiculous reason I am the designated fire warden for my floor.  I’m not quite sure HOW someone thought that would be intelligent, especially if an alarm goes off in the middle of the night, not to mention the fact that half the people who live in my hall think I’m a pyromaniac, but whatever. It included free food for us, so no complaints in that area.  I find it only slightly ironic that while we were supposed to be having this training, which also discussed how to avoid false alarms, that there was a false alarm at the neighboring hall.  :O 

Tuesday was fire club.  How awesome is that?! The geniuses there are even more psychotic than me and decided to play fire hackey sack and jump rope that was on fire.  The latter was awesome, especially when me and another daring soul decided to jump as doubles.  We failed the first two times, but the third time we were able to go for a while before I tripped the rope. Whoops.  While talking to someone else, he mentioned it was a severe adrenaline rush jumping over a rope on fire.  I guess I have some serious thrill issues because there was definitely no adrenaline rush, only the fact that it was so freaking cool.  Wednesday night my people insisted that playing intramural volleyball was a perfectly awesome way to spend an evening. I went.  I even played.  I will NEVER do that again.  I just do not do volleyball!  Then we gathered and watched the first half of The Fellowship of the Ring before calling it a night.

Somewhere near Wellington

Thursday evening I drove down to Wellington with the parents.  We checked out the town, had an AMAZING meal at this little place that was relatively empty and then we got some decent sleep.  Friday we explored Brooklyn.  YEAH!! BROOKLYN, NEW ZEALAND!  Which also has a Central Park.  Which is just WRONG people! It’s Prospect Park! There was also a Sackett St. and Shop of Soho. Not to mention Brooklyn Rd and Brooklyn St., ending on Goodall St. Awesomeness.  We explored more of the coast line and whatnot before heading to Nelson.  The flight was boring.  Dad learned people do not sue in New Zealand and was baffled by such an un-American concept.  

We met friends of my uncle’s in Nelson and they took us to their house. WOW. AMAZING!  Freaking AMAZING! The view was absolutely gorgeous. And that was at night! We then went out on a tour of the town and dancing. And when I say we went dancing, I really mean no one in my family. I’m glad to know where I get the non-dancing thing from.  But it was fun.  And places play awesome music here.  Good times.

Amazingly stunning view from where we stayed

The next morning we went out to the market.  AH! That place is dangerous! On the plus side, I finished most of my Christmas shopping.  So many awesome things!  Plus amazingly tasting plums.  I think I need to eat one soon, as there are still some left.  And other good food.  After the market, we checked out some cool gardens, got food, and drove to some other really nice place after picking up the rental car.  I suppose I should say it now.  Everywhere here is really nice.  In case you couldn’t get that from everything else I already have described.  The new car was more fun.  The directional was on the opposite side as the first one, so every now and then windshield wipers would go off when we wanted to turn.  Not to mention a certain driver decided to look the wrong way in a round about, yielded to a truck when we clearly had the right of way, flipped on the windshield wipers, and then stalled.  HYSTERICAL!  We had a good laugh for a few minutes.  We were going to go swimming, but the sand flies were out of control.  Geez!  I was eaten alive!  There was no way I was going to expose myself to more of them by getting in the water and then getting out.  So I just observed.  The view was awesome.  Sunday we went tramping – that’s hiking in New Zealand lingo – in Abel Tasman, a national park like place.  We had to get a water taxi to get to the “decent” parts of the trail, but I can’t imagine anything not being “decent.”  The place is BEAUTIFUL!  The boat was also able to get into places it normally can’t because the tides were the highest ones for six months.  Thank you full moon!  We got off and walked for quite some time, but it was gorgeous.  The water was basically on our left the whole time and the trees covered the path enough that I didn’t even get burned!!! 

One of the many awesome beaches of Abel Tasman


The weather was perfect and once we reached our final destination in which the water taxi would pick us up again, we had enough time to go for a swim and check out the awesome caves and such.  We ended up running back to the boat, but we weren’t he last ones on, so it’s all good.  The captain did make the comment “I knew you were trouble when you first got on!”  Good times. 
Now it’s back to the grind of a normal week.  I was even productive yesterday (which of course was the only reason I didn’t update this blog), as I wrote most of my assignment that isn’t even due until the first week of April!  Yeah, I’m that awesome!  😀  Anyway, apologies for the wait and that this is so long, but it is a week and a half worth of adventures!  AND there’s pictures! 

Abel Tasman


Let’s have a think about this.

Yesterday was a day of physical exhaustion.  Aside from walking back and forth from my room to class three times, I joined a friend on a bike ride so she could test out her new bike.  I am extremely glad I found that cushion for my seat.  It works great!  On the other hand, this place is NOT flat!  Everyone claims it is, but it is LIES AND PROPAGANDA!  We rode around the university grounds a bit and then tried to determine where the horses were.  While I enjoy views of mountains, sheep, cows, and other horses along the route (HOW COOL IS THAT!?!), the uphillness is ridiculous!  Especially when the gears on your bike decide to switch all on their own and all that jazz.  But good times, nonetheless.  🙂

Since I don’t have any classes today, I was blessed with a three-day weekend.  Last night was some ball or something for orientation week, but it was expensive and not exactly my idea of a good time, so I hung out with some of the people from my hall into all hours of the night.  Ping pong and Egyptian Ratscrew.  Can an evening really get any better?!  Haha, well aside from the obvious answer, it was still enjoyable.  AND someone actually beat me in a round of cards!  I am impressed.  It’s been a while since I was last defeated.  😀  Then a friend was really hungry, so we decided to walk into town – we were too lazy to wait for the bus (yes, I realize how ridiculous that sounds) – and get McDonalds, since it was the only thing open!  I really miss Pizza Wagon.  :/ 

Today looks promising for rain, rain, and more rain.  There is a welcome function that I am certain provides free food, so I will mosey on over there at some point, but I sincerely hope the rain has passed and sun has graced us with it’s presence by then!  I will also harass the people about my ID card and hopefully be able to get into town to buy some food that I’ve been going on about for the last few days.  No plans for this evening or the remainder of the weekend yet, but I am sure we will manage to find something to get into!



First, I will start off on a more serious note regarding the earthquake in Christchurch.  Yesterday marked one week from the natural disaster that tore many families apart, but also brought many together in New Zealand and people who genuinely wanted to help from around the world.   I was happy to see many people joining in at 12:51PM for a two-minute moment of silence to remember the victims, which now total over 128.

Acts of kindness are something that should be done everyday, in my opinion, not just when something terrible happens.  It’s a shame that it takes such a devastating thing to bring people together and make you realize you are not invincible.  You are human.  Do some good in the world everyday.  It will become a better place. 

As my second day of classes rolled around, I am happy to note that my only 8AM class has been canceled until further notice (which won’t be until at least week 6 of the semester – AWESOMENESS)!  My other two lectures were pretty interesting.  I find it amazing that the professors here only teach part of the course and then someone else usually comes in.  It is a completely new concept to me, but I am liking the idea of people who are experts in a field teaching me about what they are actually passionate about.  It makes a lot of sense when you think about it. 

After waiting forever for the dinner line to open, we got to wait another eon for the point in which we were standing in line to get to the food.  They really need to do something about the food here.  It’s decent food for a place serving in masses, but seriously.  Literally waiting thirty minutes on a line to get food is nothing short fo ridiculous.  After food, we didn’t go on another walk.  I think something had to do with the fact that we got temporarily displaced on Monday night.  It was pretty epic.  We had followed a staircase up to this open field where we were able to witness an awesome setting of the sun which, of course, no picture could really do justice.  But then we walked through the field where a cat appeared.  Me being with pre-vet students, of course we had to stop until they said there was something wrong with the cat and to stay away from it.  Because I’m not already freaked out by the cat to begin with! 

We continued on the path, however, and walked into a playground.  Of course I had to go back and forth on the zipline a few times before we trekked on through more trees.  But by this time, it was getting pretty dark.  We ended up along a road and continued briefly on a path that would supposedly lead to the track overview.  But along this path, it was extremely dark and the majority of the group agreed to head back to the road and go from there.  Probably the wiser move, but definitely not the adrenaline pumping one.  We found a main outlet and one of us knew the general idea of where we were, so we headed back to campus, arriving only an hour later than we had initially planned on.  Our poor friend who decided for the first time to join us on our walk that “won’t be that far.”  I don’t think he’s all for joining us anytime in the near future.  But the trail we had been on will most definitely be explored, but more likely in the daytime. 

Today was interesting.  I couldn’t fall asleep for whatever reason last night, so I was kind of annoyed.  Plus there was the toga party last night, so as you can imagine, there were Greek gods and goddesses meandering about half-naked and trashed, but all good fun nonetheless.  Except at two in the morning when you are actually trying to sleep because that 9AM class is going to start way sooner than you want it to and the people yelling and knocking on doors to the wrong peoples room are keeping you up.  Yeah, this morning was not so fun.  PLus the fact that my class only lasted for thirty minutes and then I had a break until my next class at 4PM, I wasn’t too happy of a camper.  But I did get some work done in the library, so go me, and I bonded with more humans.  HURRAY for not being anti-social! 

I was on my way to Clubs Day when torrential downpours ruined that idea, as all the clubs decided to pack it up an hour earlier than they were supposed to.  What can you do, though?  Oh well.  In my later class, we talked about moles.  Like Avogadro’s number moles.  And the whole time I was listening, I couldn’t help but have that great song in the back of my head.  Yes, the song that anyone who has mentioned moles to me has heard me sing at one point or another.  One of my greatest friends, and practically my sister all but in legitimate terms, and I created it one day at the beach.  WE ARE NOT NERDS!  We just, alright, we might be a little bit.  Anyway, the song goes as such:

I’m a mole!   Ba dum dum dum da
I live in the ground!   Ba dum dum dum da
I eat the dirt!   Ba dum dum dum da
‘Cause I’m a mole!  Ba dum a dum da

 There were more versus, but this is the one we’ll stick with for now.  After class and dinner and whatnot, I retreated to my room to get some work done, but as temptations have it, I couldn’t resist going online to see who was on Skype.  It’s amazing how certain people can affect your emotions in a heartbeat.  It’s almost pathetic that a simple hello from certain people can make you smile, wrench your insides out, whatever.  But I am going to assume it happens to everyone, whether it be via a phone call, e-mail, encounter on the street, you get the idea.  After almost an hour of “conversation”, I was left feeling an array of emotions you don’t imagine are possible when you go from one point to another.  Which makes me be extremely grateful and happy to have such amazing and awesome friends in which I can discuss in more depth such feelings and thoughts, knowing full well I can trust them and know they are always there for me.  And you know in particular who you are, so that’s all I will go on about that, but know that I appreciate everything and I truly love you! 

Wow.  Way sappy for me to actually blog about, but accept it people!  That’s just me!  Predictability is over rated.  Besides awesome friends, who can’t sincerely enjoy a sunset like this that is visible from their bedroom window: