First, I will start off on a more serious note regarding the earthquake in Christchurch.  Yesterday marked one week from the natural disaster that tore many families apart, but also brought many together in New Zealand and people who genuinely wanted to help from around the world.   I was happy to see many people joining in at 12:51PM for a two-minute moment of silence to remember the victims, which now total over 128.

Acts of kindness are something that should be done everyday, in my opinion, not just when something terrible happens.  It’s a shame that it takes such a devastating thing to bring people together and make you realize you are not invincible.  You are human.  Do some good in the world everyday.  It will become a better place. 

As my second day of classes rolled around, I am happy to note that my only 8AM class has been canceled until further notice (which won’t be until at least week 6 of the semester – AWESOMENESS)!  My other two lectures were pretty interesting.  I find it amazing that the professors here only teach part of the course and then someone else usually comes in.  It is a completely new concept to me, but I am liking the idea of people who are experts in a field teaching me about what they are actually passionate about.  It makes a lot of sense when you think about it. 

After waiting forever for the dinner line to open, we got to wait another eon for the point in which we were standing in line to get to the food.  They really need to do something about the food here.  It’s decent food for a place serving in masses, but seriously.  Literally waiting thirty minutes on a line to get food is nothing short fo ridiculous.  After food, we didn’t go on another walk.  I think something had to do with the fact that we got temporarily displaced on Monday night.  It was pretty epic.  We had followed a staircase up to this open field where we were able to witness an awesome setting of the sun which, of course, no picture could really do justice.  But then we walked through the field where a cat appeared.  Me being with pre-vet students, of course we had to stop until they said there was something wrong with the cat and to stay away from it.  Because I’m not already freaked out by the cat to begin with! 

We continued on the path, however, and walked into a playground.  Of course I had to go back and forth on the zipline a few times before we trekked on through more trees.  But by this time, it was getting pretty dark.  We ended up along a road and continued briefly on a path that would supposedly lead to the track overview.  But along this path, it was extremely dark and the majority of the group agreed to head back to the road and go from there.  Probably the wiser move, but definitely not the adrenaline pumping one.  We found a main outlet and one of us knew the general idea of where we were, so we headed back to campus, arriving only an hour later than we had initially planned on.  Our poor friend who decided for the first time to join us on our walk that “won’t be that far.”  I don’t think he’s all for joining us anytime in the near future.  But the trail we had been on will most definitely be explored, but more likely in the daytime. 

Today was interesting.  I couldn’t fall asleep for whatever reason last night, so I was kind of annoyed.  Plus there was the toga party last night, so as you can imagine, there were Greek gods and goddesses meandering about half-naked and trashed, but all good fun nonetheless.  Except at two in the morning when you are actually trying to sleep because that 9AM class is going to start way sooner than you want it to and the people yelling and knocking on doors to the wrong peoples room are keeping you up.  Yeah, this morning was not so fun.  PLus the fact that my class only lasted for thirty minutes and then I had a break until my next class at 4PM, I wasn’t too happy of a camper.  But I did get some work done in the library, so go me, and I bonded with more humans.  HURRAY for not being anti-social! 

I was on my way to Clubs Day when torrential downpours ruined that idea, as all the clubs decided to pack it up an hour earlier than they were supposed to.  What can you do, though?  Oh well.  In my later class, we talked about moles.  Like Avogadro’s number moles.  And the whole time I was listening, I couldn’t help but have that great song in the back of my head.  Yes, the song that anyone who has mentioned moles to me has heard me sing at one point or another.  One of my greatest friends, and practically my sister all but in legitimate terms, and I created it one day at the beach.  WE ARE NOT NERDS!  We just, alright, we might be a little bit.  Anyway, the song goes as such:

I’m a mole!   Ba dum dum dum da
I live in the ground!   Ba dum dum dum da
I eat the dirt!   Ba dum dum dum da
‘Cause I’m a mole!  Ba dum a dum da

 There were more versus, but this is the one we’ll stick with for now.  After class and dinner and whatnot, I retreated to my room to get some work done, but as temptations have it, I couldn’t resist going online to see who was on Skype.  It’s amazing how certain people can affect your emotions in a heartbeat.  It’s almost pathetic that a simple hello from certain people can make you smile, wrench your insides out, whatever.  But I am going to assume it happens to everyone, whether it be via a phone call, e-mail, encounter on the street, you get the idea.  After almost an hour of “conversation”, I was left feeling an array of emotions you don’t imagine are possible when you go from one point to another.  Which makes me be extremely grateful and happy to have such amazing and awesome friends in which I can discuss in more depth such feelings and thoughts, knowing full well I can trust them and know they are always there for me.  And you know in particular who you are, so that’s all I will go on about that, but know that I appreciate everything and I truly love you! 

Wow.  Way sappy for me to actually blog about, but accept it people!  That’s just me!  Predictability is over rated.  Besides awesome friends, who can’t sincerely enjoy a sunset like this that is visible from their bedroom window:


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