I decided to have a go with absynth the other night

Hum dee dum dum dum…  I would like to preface this post with the fact that I am a failure in the blogging world.  Hmm…  Why do I say this??  Well, let’s just say (and you will figure this out once you read on) that I TOTALLY thought I posted this two weeks ago.  Haha.  It was done and everything and just sitting in my drafts folders.  I feel special.  :/  I know I hit publish.  Damn internet.  Yes, that is what we shall blame it on…  SO!!  IF you haven’t already read the last post (entitled “If your phone alarm went off on an airplane, they’d stone you in the Middle Ages”) READ THIS ONE FIRST!  🙂  Sorry bout that guys!!

Greetings my followers!

It has been a while.  But I have been busy!  Well, depends on your definition of busy, but that’s just a minor detail.  The weekend was a major weather disappointment.  Definitely demolished my epic plans to explore the middle of forests and whatnot.  Not only did it rain for most of the weekend, but ever since it has been so freaking COLD!  It’s terrible!  Gradual descent to zero-like temperatures (Celsius, people… Yes, I have been converted) is perfectly fine.  But when you go from a nice, sunny 15 degrees to 4 overnight, it is not so pleasant!  Dear weather: IT IS STILL SUMMER!  I have lived in Florida for two years, which has completely destroyed my immunity to the cold.  PLEASE REMAIN AT SUMMER-LIKE TEMPERATURES!  Wow.  Never thought I would be saying that!

So yeah, this weekend: I was a bum!  Well, I ended up walking into town again and getting some food for my middle of the night snacks.  And that sort of thing, but mostly I hung out with people from my hall, played card games and ping-pong, and watched TV.  It was nice to just relax and have nothing to really do though.  AND we bonded.  Yeah.  Nothing better than bonding, right?  Go me being all socially interactive and everything!

Classes on Monday and Tuesday weren’t too bad.  I really don’t like starting my day at noon, but I must admit, I was VERY happy I did not have to wake up early.  Like today.  And I couldn’t fall asleep last night.  Go figure.  The world is out to get me.  Yeah, that’s right.  It’s because I’m Norwegian.  I’m sure of it.  But it’s all good.  AND I am getting involved here!  Wow, more of these social experiences – crazy, I know!  Monday night was the Alpine Club meeting.  Seems like a group that was invented for me – everything and anything to do with being outdoors.  Can’t go wrong!  So I signed up for that and got a cool little membership card and everything.  Epic. 

Then last night, I went with a friend from my hall to the Fire Spinners meeting.  Now, I had debated joining this club and whether or not I wanted to go for several reasons, which I don’t feel like going into at the moment, but let’s just end with, I AM SO GLAD I DID!   SUCH good times.  And aside from the fact that I lost count of how many times I actually slammed a hackey-sack like object into some random part of me – especially the one that clocked me right in the eye –   I enjoyed myself immensely.  Definitely not helping my reputation of NOT being a pyro, but what can I say? 

Today is Ash Wednesday, so I finally decided I would give up Coke.  My precious source of crystalline xanthine – that’s caffeine for normal people!  Chaos and darkness have ensued.  AND it’s only been eleven hours! 😦  39 days and 13 hours left.  AH!  I am excited for this evening though!  For whatever reason, The Centre hosts FREE pancake nights every Wednesday.  Tonight, this is exciting for more than just the obvious reason of free pancakes!  This is due to the fact that since I cannot eat meat today, I would have been forced to order the vegetarian option on the massively long line for food.  The problem with this is that when one asks what the vegetarian option is, a disgruntled server points to what is usually the most unappetizing choice possible that has hardly been touched.  On top of that, when one inquires as to what this disturbing choice of a meal actually is, the reply is typically “vegetarian.”  This DOES NOT help you determine what said option is.  Sometimes the idea of it being vegetarian is even questionable.  So the next few Fridays should be interesting to say the least.  BUT, this problem does not have to be addressed until then, so we shall not worry about it for now.  After all, FREE PANCAKES TONIGHT! 

So after going to church in a bit and finishing my laundry – go me, being ultra-productive today – I will be meandering into town in order to take care of some other business.  Yeah, that’s right.  Still being productive!  🙂  And on that note, I will be ending this post so I can get some homework out of the way. 

Until next time, my faithful readers!

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