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This evening, well  really this morning seeing as it is nearly 3AM, I am in a mood to rant.  I have had a few things on my mind that I have vented about in my head or to some other poor, innocent folk, who are amazing and put up with me in spite of it all, but I have decided to go public on some topics that have annoyed me, so that you can identify if you have ever committed any of these deplorable acts and avoid them like the plague in the future OR so that you now know you are not alone in feeling the wrath towards these people and things that just set you off. 

I will start with people who get water on the floor.  WHAT IN THE WORLD ARE YOU DOING THAT THE FLOOR IS SOAKED FOR HOURS ON END?  I cannot imagine how it is possible to drench an entire floor and counter surrounding the sink in a bathroom and yet you people manage to do it.  KNOCK IT OFF!  Clean up after yourselves!  I shouldn’t have to jump over puddles every time I need to use the bathroom or wash my hands.  And showers.  Come on, guys.  Is it really that hard to keep the water in the shower stall?!  Seriously.  It’s annoying.  And it’s dangerous.  If I slip and fall one day, I will sue!  I don’t care if people don’t sue in New Zealand.  I know a guy! 

My next biggest pet peeve for the time being is not necessarily an act of a person, per say, but with the light switches in this country.  They are backwards.  Yes, when you flick a light switch in the down position, that is turning the light on here.  WHAT THE HECK?!?  Common sense deems that up should be on.  When all the cartoons with lightbulbs go on, it is always over a person’s head.  Lights come on above things, like ceilings.  Therefore, switches should be reversed throughout this country and any other place in which they are backwards.  I a sick of always turning on a light when I leave a room during the day because I think it is on when, in fact, it is off because the switch is down.  Oy!

Driving on the wrong side of the road.  Let’s face it: we(Americans, most Europeans, etc) drive on the right side of the road.  It is as simple as that.  Here in New Zealand, people drive on the left.  There is no way you can say this is the right side because it is the left, leaving you on the opposite of the right: wrong.  There you go.  I will be amazed if I do not get hit by something before I leave here.  Just when I think I have the whole which side are you going to be on thing down, you people (anyone who drives/walks/etc on the left) screw it up.  The other day, someone was driving on the right side of the road (as opposed to the left).  Be consistent people!  If you are going to insist on driving on the left, actually do it!  Jeez!  And the same goes for passing people when walking!  Don’t get in a huff when you are walking down the street in a LINE of people and none of you make the slightest movement to let other people pass and so we move to the right and not the left.  It shouldn’t matter to you anyway, since you are a human chain which would get annoyed regardless of which side  outsiders pass you on.  Deal with it. 

Drunk people.  You people can be funny sometimes.  You can also be incredibly annoying.  And I suppose this is perfectly acceptable if this is an occasional thing that you do and whatever.  But when you are getting wasted every night and then being loud and obnoxious until all hours in the morning, it’s not cute anymore.  Sober up and go to sleep before the sun comes up for once.  This will allow other people to do the same instead of coming up with clever ways to murder you by poisoning your next alcoholic beverage, which we all know will be right around the corner.  Not that I’m giving anyone ideas or anything.  And for those of you coming back from town in massive groups on those nights when you simply can’t resist getting trashed: BE QUIET!  It is the middle of the freaking night when you get back.  People are trying to sleep!  Show some respect.

You people who insist anytime a member of the opposite sex is talking to you, he or she is hitting on you.  Listen to me now.  GET OVER YOURSELF.  This is not always the case.  I will admit that there are occasions when this is true, but seriously people.  You can have friends of the other gender without them wanting to get in your pants.

And finally, my personal favorite, people who talk about other people behind their backs.  WHAT IN THE WORLD IS WRONG WITH YOU?  If you want to say something about someone or you have a problem with someone, say it to said person, not the rest of the world.  If you can’t say something to the person, you shouldn’t be saying it at all.  Forget if you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say it.  We all know that’s virtually impossible for most of the human world.  But talking behind people’s backs is just pathetic.  No one likes hearing someone else was talking smack about him or her to everyone else.  Give people a fair chance to defend themselves from whatever you need to complain about or don’t bother.

OK.  So I am done with the ranting for now.  I was too tired to actually post this last night when I wrote it, so I shall update the rest of my week now and then publish.  I forget where I left off, so I’ll go to Wednesday since that seems like a good place to pick up.  I only have two classes and of course they are from 9-10 and then 4-5.  So I have a huge gap where I usually have no idea what to do.  Well, I had a test on Thursday, so I actually studied in between talking to some friends on Skype and finding people downstairs making food and sharing.  I love the hall I live in.  Then Wednesday night fire club people went to the circus and then for some drinks afterwards.  Good times. 

Thursday morning a blaring siren and annoying voice saying “Evacuate the building” forced me from my bed.  Damn fire alarms.  I managed to finally go back to bed afterwards though, failing epically to wake up earlier to study some more.  Oh well.  The test went fine.  Classes were classes and then food at the dining hall was horrible as that seems to be the new trend there.  At least it used to be somewhat edible.  The last few days it just failed.  Friday I had two labs, but they weren’t so bad.  Now I just have to do the lab reports.  Sigh.  Work.  Not taking classes for six months really messes with things.  Friday evening was the lantern festival for Chinese New Year.  I have no clue when actual Chinese New Year is or was, but good times.  People from fire club were performing, so I joined them afterwards for some spinning and amusement.  All I can say is pink fluffy unicorns dancing on rainbows.  🙂

Yesterday was a pretty chill day.  Went for a walk with a friend trying to figure out which classes I should take next semester in the pouring rain for an hour.  When we returned, more amazing food awaited us.  Again.  I love my hall.  Had an awesome lunch before catching some of the rugby game all of twenty feet away from our hall before continuing to be an epitome of a bum.  Movie night!  Finally saw Avatar.  I am impressed.  Although it is WAY too long.  I cannot sit still for that long.  Jeez.  My attention span is pathetic. 

Today I decided I could avoid the rain and make it to Dive HQ from Massey and back without getting drenched.  EPIC FAIL.  Not only did it decide to rain, but it was torrential downpours.  Of course it stopped when I got to Dive HQ, but started right up again a few minutes after I left.  And then stopped once I made it to Massey.  GRR!!  Oh well.  After that, however, I was productive, as I managed to write my entire case study that’s due in two weeks.  And I did laundry!  And uploaded pictures to facebook from the past month or so.  Yeah.  Go me.  I rock.  🙂 

Calling it a night, as I just established that it is past midnight here!


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