5 things the Asian living next door to me needs: smokes, alcohol, car, girls, and rice.

Greetings blog stalkers!

It has been quite some time.  Every now and then I do like to give the impression that I have a life, so yeah.  🙂  I have been busy the last week and a half.  Last weekend (the first weekend of April) was quite a good time.  My mom, or any other person who likes to say “If your friend jumped off a bridge, would you do it too?,” can no longer ask me that without me honestly saying yes as a response.  This is because, yes, you guessed it, some of my friends and I jumped off a bridge!  OMG!!  Bungee jumping = EPICNESS!   Wasn’t as scary as I thought it would be, but it was thrilling to say the least.  80 meters (140ft).  Long way down when you’re standing on a tiny little plank looking down.  We also did a three person Flying Fox, which is a nice long swing with a max speed of 160kph.  Good times.  That morning also started out with gelato for breakfast and randomly spinning in The Square.  The evening consisted of more spinning, this time with fire and then playing in a park that was probably supposed to be closed.  Oh well.  An excellent, thrill seeking day. 

The week went by relatively quicker than I would have liked.  I had four assignments due on Friday and a midsemester test on Monday night, so it was a week of actually doing work.  Well, procrastinating from doing work.  Wednesday night I stayed at a friend’s house with every intention of playing with fire, but talking into the wee hours of the morning and making pizza and garlic bread seemed to take precedence.  Funness regardless.  🙂  Thursday I assumed I would be up all night working on those assignments, but it turned out finishing the one a few weeks ago was quite helpful.  I had another essay I had to finish, which I ended up shortening by 600 words from what was expected, but I felt I made my point and there was no use in adding fluff to it because we all would know it would be complete nonsense.  Hopefully the word limits were more of a suggestion than anything.  I wasn’t really all that happy with it, but I had a friend proof it for me and she said it was fine.  I don’t really know how they grade here, so that will be interesting to see, but I’m not too worried about it, I suppose.  My other two assignments were lab reports.  I forgot how much I hated lab reports.  UGH!  There was no format to follow, so I was creative in using a modified Lauren version of AIAA reports.  Interesting enough.  Again, don’t know what they are looking for when they grade, so we shall see.  Thank you to all of you people who I spent more time complaining about having to do all these assignments than the time I spent actually doing them. Having to do work has become something I am no longer used to.  Going back to Riddle is going to be torture, I can only imagine. :/ 

Friday night was the day before a friend’s 21st, so we had to go out to celebrate.  Then we came back to munch on peanut butter cookies and cake made from scratch.  I’ve said it before, but I will say it again: I love the people in this hall!  Such good food!  We stayed up for quite some time, but I ended up leaving to get some bed at 3.  Apparently they were up until 5.  8AM rolled around nice and early, though.  I was tired as anything, but SCUBA DIVING!!  WHEE!!!! 🙂  Did all the confined dives for certification, so now I just have to do my open water dives and I am good to go!  Hopefully that will be Tuesday and Wednesday of this week, but still waiting for that follow-up call to confirm.  Our instructor is pretty awesome, so another added bonus.  It’s amazing what chlorine and salt water can do for the hair – this is more sarcasm.  But well worth it.  I felt bad asking the few people I know for a ride, so I decided I would walk back from Dive HQ.  Not a bad walk, but farther than I thought it would be (even though I’ve biked it a few times).  Met up with a friend once I got to The Square, so we got Subway – more people who share my random love for Subway – YAY! – and then decided to crash at another friends place.  We had some nice, interesting conversations, which kind of makes me miss home a little more now, before calling it a night.  I walked back to Massey, finally getting back just before one and then crashed after taking the nicest, and longest shower of my life trying to get my hair to a relatively normal state again.  I had no such luck on that, but still can’t complain too much. 

Today I was the epitome of a bum, staying in bed until 2PM and then finally making my way to the computer room to watch Castle because my internet is capped again and I refuse to buy more credit until next month after I get back from the States.  I’m really excited to go back home next week.  I love it here and, again, I never plan on leaving for good, but I do miss home.  And I miss the people who are worth missing and therefore, I generally talk to them several times a week.  But since we changed the clocks now too, it’s an eight-hour time difference and makes it difficult to talk as much.  This new time difference has really been frustrating for me.  Since I don’t get to talk to the people I miss as much as I’ve wanted to, I’ve gotten more frustrated with a few of them and just sad because I miss them.  I love the people here, but there are people from home that can’t ever be replaced.  Oh well.  I will be home soon enough and then being sad because I miss the people over here too much.  Sigh.  Don’t you love how that works?! 

Aside from the school stuff keeping me busy, I’ve also been writing again.  A lot.  It’s kind of crazy.  I haven’t really written in a while, but lately, I’ve been obsessed.  Problem is I can’t stay focused long enough on one idea, so I have about eight different stories going on at the moment.  Sigh.  Oh well.  It’s nice to write again.  It’s been much too long.  Now if only I could be more open to sharing what I have with people to get feedback.  Of course, that would imply that I need to write more than a few chapters, but again, the feedback could probably help with that too.  Oh well.  Now I’m just thinking to myself again. 

Anyway, calling it a night for now. 
Thanks for reading!