There’s a dog riding in the basket of that guy’s bike!

Greetings blog world,

It has been a while again!  I have been busy this week with finishing up final assignments and the last day of classes in TWO days!!  WHOO!  Excitingness.  And my trip to the South Island commences on Friday, so I am stoked for classes to be OVER and to get on my way to glaciers and hopefully penguins!  I started packing last night since I finally did laundry and had clean clothes to pack, so now I am even more excited if that is possible.  A week to explore the South Island and then back to good old Palmerston North.  I get back that Friday and Saturday a bunch of my humans and I are planning to trek out to the wind farm if the weather is nice.  So it better behave!  Then I have three days to “study” before my first exam on that Wednesday.  I think I will go insane!  I have all morning exams, which I think the powers that be did simply to get back at me for going to the South Island for Study Break.  But I only have exams on the Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Monday, so I suppose I can’t complain too much – at Riddle I probably would have had three exams lumped in one day and starting at 8AM.  Here they at least don’t start until 9:30AM.  Then there are only three more days before I hop on another plane and make my way to Hawaii!  So the next three weeks will be whizzing by.  I don’t know if that is a good or bad thing yet. 

Enough about what will happen, though – you’ll probably just have to read about all that stuff again after I experience it!  Aside from classes, the week went along pretty uneventful.  A few of my friends from the hall and I have taken to watching continuous episodes of a show from about 10 or 11PM to 12 or 1AM in one of our rooms for the past few evenings, which I always seem to pass out for about 5 minutes during.  Then when we go off to our own rooms, I become wide awake.  So of course I have to watch a movie or more episodes of something.  Very dangerous.  I can no longer fall asleep before 3AM!  😦  But I suppose it doesn’t matter too much, as I don’t have to get up until 11ish usually. 


 This past weekend consisted of being absolute bums as a group with the exception of the two-hour long walks we went on in the afternoon.  It finally wasn’t raining this weekend, so we took advantage of the nice weather and explored a bit.  The first day, we meandered aimlessly around the orchards behind Massey and then made our way over to see some sheep.  But they were in the paddock farther away from the road, so that wasn’t as successful as we hoped.  I really love the fall season.  And it’s SO wrong in my mind to consider the end of May as being fall, but the trees don’t lie!  🙂  The next day we ventured back to the area we had walked to way back when in the beginning of the semester when we decided not to continue because it had gotten dark and we had no clue where the path actually led and all that.  But it was bright and sunny and comfortable walking weather, so we followed the path. 


 We ended up at an outlook to Massey’s athletic field and an area for some of the research on soil and whatnot.  Following that were a lot of steps to a really neat wooden bridge that led us to the path along this pond with ducks and baby swans in it.  Eventually, we reached the road not far from Massey and followed that up to return to our humble abode.  On the road, however, we had to pass the horse paddocks and we all know that having three pre-vet students with you means that you need to spend time admiring the horses from the fence.  One horse actually did come over to us after a few minutes!

Other than the exciting walks, I spent most of the weekend reading and watching movies and TV episodes.  I even had a whole Disney in France marathon going with The Hunchback of Notre Dame, Beauty and the Beast, Ratatouille, and The Little Mermaid!  Episodes of Hawaii Five-O and Glee, not to mention other random movies thrown in there such as Inception and Catch Me If You Can.  Epic.  Got to love all of them!  It has gotten cold and we have established that watching movies at the onset of darkness is the only acceptable way to proceed.  🙂

I also had the chance to talk to some of my friends from home and whatnot that I haven’t spoken to in a while, so that was nice.  I still am amazed at how much I actually do miss people.  I was hoping to drive down to Florida with a few of my friends that are scattered about in July, but I am slowly realizing that they all have other crazy plans that make our schedules nearly impossible to match.  Slightly depressing, but it’s all good.  They will just have to visit some other time.  Being back in the same country (for most of us) will make such things slightly easier, I hope!

Well, I am afraid it is dinner time and I must be going for now.


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