And in the morning, I’m having waffles!

Hello blog world,

I AM DONE!!!!  Successfully completed another semester!  You know that feeling you get when you have an important deadline for something and all the weight is lifted off your shoulders once you turn it in, etc?  Well after handing my last exam that was much too long, I was waiting for that feeling, but no.  It did not come.  And while that is such a nice feeling to have, I was not surprised in the slightest.  Why, you ask?  Because the classes here continue to be so…  Hmmm…  What is the word for it?  Not stressful.  It’s a nice feeling, but I am predicting that it will be extremely difficult to go back to my aerospace engineering classes at Riddle in July.  Luckily, it will only be two classes and one of them isn’t even for my major, so I will be able to slowly get back into the usual swing of things. 

I have packed most of my stuff.  But as I look around my room, that might be easily argued by a lot of people.  I still have a lot of stuff out.  I have too much stuff!  For someone who travels as much as I do, I am disappointed in my inability to pack light.  Why I cannot pack lighter boils down to a lot of reasons.  The first of which?  I am spoiled!  I like my comforts and I insist on bringing things I don’t need.  But in my defense, I have used everything I have brought over.  Another reason of why I can’t pack light?  I LOVE too many shirts that I own.  And I hate doing laundry.  So more clothes = more of the shirts I like = less laundry I have to do = happy Lauren!  🙂  But I suppose I am better than a lot of people, so I shouldn’t make too much of a fuss.  I will finish packing at the last moment of course, but I don’t leave until later at night on Wednesday, so I have the entire day to make sure everything fits! 

The week has gone by faster than I thought it would, but not much.  It consisted of some studying, a lot of procrastinating, and watching of many, many movies.  I quickly annoyed my friends with reciting random lines from most of the Disney movies we watched, not to mention the entire script of The Lion King once somebody figured out that the volume had been muted!  Good times.  And I discovered a certain character from Aladdin reminds me way too much of someone I know.  A bit freaky and all, but amusing nonetheless.  The movie will never be the same.  Saturday night was pretty sweet too.  Went to a friend’s house for a party consisting of two live bands, fire spinning, and an hour and a half trip to Burger King.  Life is good. 

The rest of this time I have in New Zealand will certainly be bittersweet, but I must say I am extremely excited for Hawaii!  The parents made their way out there today and I will be there on Wednesday, even though my flight leaves on Thursday – I love time differences sometimes!  It will be amazing to get back to the States, but I will miss New Zealand and the people here more than I could have imagined I would.  Short post this time, but there will probably be something more before I leave this country!


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