That awkward moment when…

So the other day I’m walking to class when this guy says hello to me. Cool. Random guy being nice.  Life is good. Until he then goes on asking about my life story. Which is fine if he didn’t already know so much about it. I’d never seen this guy in my life!  But apparently he knows everything about me. It’s creepy. And then I think more about it and maybe I do know him. But I have no clue. I don’t think I do.  I tell myself every time this happens that I’m going to be more aware of people in my classes but yeah, that never happens. So awkward moments will probably live on.

Another thing?  When people hold open doors for you when you’re miles and miles away.  What is that?!  It’s one thing to be polite and hold open a door if I’m standing right there, but when I’m literally on the other side of the room?  That’s insane!  I’m all for people being nice and helpful and all that, but how is it that when my hands are completely full and I’m trying to get through a door there’s no one around willing to help, but as soon as my hands are free and I have every capability of opening a door, I’m spotted from miles away and have people waiting for five minutes as I get to the door?  The world works in interesting ways.

Which brings me to my final point: Murphy’s Law.  Murphy freaking hates me.  I’m serious.  This guy has got it out for me like nothing else.  It’s become a personal vendetta against me.  I know this for a fact.Murphy sees that I have something to get done and, well, there goes my chances of succeeding in life! Murphy’s a tool. I’m not really sure how I segued into that, but there you have it. Happy Friday, humans!

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