Focus. Concentrate! KEEP STEADY!!

I have the greatest friends ever.  Period.  So a few weeks ago, my sister sends me a text demanding my address.  OK.  So she’s not really my sister.  But for all intents and purposes…  I mean, she even calls my dad “Dad.”  So.  Sister.  Anyway, I go to check my mail today and, yes, I has a package from her.  20130409_124624And what awesome gift has arrived from home, but what you see in this picture!  Yes, I have the greatest of friends.  This goes on to the whole nice gestures bit I was going on about yesterday.  Totally made my day.  Maybe even week.  It’s been pretty awesome.  I got her a little something too.  Her birthday was last month and her gift is sitting on my desk at home, waiting to be mailed.  I’m really bad about getting gifts to people on time – I’ve got another friend’s gift that I’ve been carrying around since the beginning of March!  I’m slacking.

I actually have been slacking a lot lately.  It’s bad.  I don’t feel like doing work anymore.  I’ve lost focus.  I don’t really know what else I would do – I feel like I’m always busywith school or work, but I never seem to get the things I need to get done finished.  Little drawings of rockets help with some of the inspriation.  I usually go to Disney for some inspiration too, but the hour drive makes it slightly more discouraging to go as often as I’d like.  Plus my Disney people all graduated or have real jobs (or both of those things).

I started this when I was in class and my friend who sits next to me said “Focus!” as soon as I started writing.  It made me laugh.  I got a game for my birthday many many years ago that used to talk in this deep voice while you were trying to win and it would say “Focus! Concentrate! Keep steady!” It was the most annoying and frustrating thing. It made focusing even more impossible. And you couldn’t turn it off or lower the sound! But now I look back and laugh about it. The voice was amusing. But it’s stuck with me all this time.  It almost encourages me now whenever I think about it.  So I guess that’s a good thing.  I need to focus more.  My mind’s been all over the place lately.  I’ve got too much going on and not enough all at once.  If that makes sense.  I do my best work when I have a million things to do.  It’s the pressure of having to get everything done.  When there’s only one thing due way off in the distance, I wait until the last minute.  But if I have 800 things to do, I do it the second I get it.  Go figure, right?  I know I’m not the only one who does this.  I know there are people out there like me!  Anyway, the initial point of this post was to say I have the awesomest friends.  And a really remarkable sister.  I was going to go on and on about how much I love her, but I guess I’ll be saving that for another day – go ADD mind!

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