This weekend has proven to be an awesome one.  And it’s only Saturday night!  Yesterday after work, I met up with a group of friends for dinner and to see Frozen (again).  It was phenomenal.  They were friends I do not get to simply hang out with since we mostly are doing work, but last night was a time for celebration!  WE ARE DONE WITH CLASSES!!!  Some of them still have finals, but others, including myself, were completely done!  It was nice to hang out in a non studying session.  And of course Frozen was AWESOME!  Go see it if you haven’t.  It’s amazing!

Today I went diving in the Big Blue.  Although I didn’t get much sleep from the night before and we left at 4AM, I had an amazing time.  The sun was shining and it was 87 degrees according to my dive computer.  In December.  Wrong, but nice for the diving.  I tried out my early graduation present, a Go Pro, from my aunt and uncle and hoped to catch some lobster!  The first dive was unsuccessful on the lobster catching, but my buddy caught one and a fish, so good times.  And we saw eels!  The second dive was more productive.  My buddy and I worked together to get us two lobsters for the dive.  Om nom nom.

The lobsters were eaten for dinner this evening and I see popcorn in the near future.  I reviewed the footage from the GoPro and while it is clear and pretty awesome, I learned I need to angle the camera better to get the stuff I actually want to see.  Still awesome!  Thank you, family!!!  Tomorrow morning, I will be setting out early again, although not quite as bad as 4AM, to dive the springs – I don’t have to rinse my gear from the sea!!!!  My brother and his girlfriend are getting certified and it is their last day of check out dives!  I’m excited!  So it’s been an awesome weekend.  I don’t have  a much deeper message to this post other than I’m happy and life is good! 😀

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