Questioning Attitude

My newest goal in life is to write a blog post that does not start off with apologizing for abandoning this blog for months at a time.  As I logged on to write this post, I was distracted by the amount of drafts I have started and never publish.  I forget or don’t know exactly how to articulate what I’m trying to convey and I never publish my thoughts.  And then months go by and there’s no new updates and I’m shocked to see the stats that say people are still checking and reading my blog.  So to you out there reading this, thanks!  I appreciate your support.  Or extremely disturbing stalker abilities.  Either way.  =]

As 6 or so hours of my day generally consists of staring out a window (take that grade school teachers who insisted I’d never get paid for such things!!), I find a lot of time to contemplate things.  Don’t get me wrong, a lot of this time is focused on learning new things and developing professional knowledge.  Other times, however, I do find myself lost in my own thoughts in a myriad of digressions.  The one I will share with you today: evaluating how people’s mindsets can change over a few years, months, weeks, and even just days.  It’s crazy how one event can simply change your thought process and what you’ve adamantly believed before is completely different after what can be a five minute interaction.

It is truly remarkable what we adapt to and what we as humans accept as truth or will outright deny simply because we want it to be different.  In discussing favorite TV shows one evening, the show Scandal (obviously) was brought up.  Whether it is my favorite show is debatable and I won’t go into specifics about it if you haven’t watched it (although you should definitely correct yourself if that is the case), but the point was brought up that we, as viewers, want there to be an affair.   But how ridiculous is that?  We WANT an affair to happen.  They’re happier that way: don’t we deserve to be happy?  We try to justify it and find excuses for it.  Mind blown.  I don’t support infidelity.  But right there I am.  Granted, it’s a TV show, but we all know these things happen in real life too.  So does that make me a bad person?

Do circumstances dictate when we can be good people?  Are we really awful people if we make a bad decision?  In the grand scheme of things, we all make bad decisions at one point or another.  If I went out and killed someone tomorrow (I’m not going to, this is all for the sake of discussion and what my ADD mind comes up with for hours with myself), am I a bad person?  There’s a whole spiritual/deity aspect to this too, but I’m going to leave that with my own personal thoughts for the time being.  Anyway, if I just go out and shoot the first person I see for no reason whatsoever, am I a bad person?  What if I’m mentally incapacitated?  But now what if that person I killed was actually someone who killed my dog?  Or my sister?  What if they were shooting at me first?

All these situations can possibly justify me killing someone.  But can they really?  Who’s to say my sister means more to me than my dog?  Who’s to say that my dog is not as valuable as the person who killed him is?  Maybe my dog was a rescue dog and has saved 100s of lives.  Who deems merit based on human life verse animal life?  Can’t we love our pets just as much as we love people?  Sometimes more so depending on the human?  It seems drastic and over dramatic, but 6 hours is quite a bit of time.  And it’s curious.  At any rate, more work needs to be done and my time to stare out a window once again is drawing near.  I hope I have left you with some intriguing, albeit bizarre, thoughts.

Until next time, Hakuna Matata!