The struggle is real trying to name this post.  So many ideas!  I never have this many ideas for a title!   I’m torn on calling this Do You Even Human?  Or Human Much?  Or The F Word.  Or ahhh!!!  I’m getting off point!

So I’m part of this group on facebook called Female Painters.  OK, it’s not really called that.  And I’m most certainly not part of any group for painting!  Haha.  But it is a group for females only who share an interest in something of which people in general might be interested in.  I don’t really know how I got into the thought process of this, but isn’t the very idea of having a female exclusive club preposterous to people?  If the group Male Painters existed, you know women would be up in arms about sexism and equal rights and the unfairness of it all.  Female Painters?  I haven’t heard a single person complain.  It’s convenient sometimes, sure.  You can post about cute smock ideas that would fit better for boobs.  A topic men would not care about.  Well.  Maybe they would, but I’m thinking it would be for an entirely different reason.

Anyway.  I find it curious.  I’m a fan of opportunities for women: I am one!  Of course I don’t want obstacles my male counterparts don’t have to face.  But so many women claim they are feminists, fighting for equal rights, when in reality, they are fighting for better rights.  Which is probably just as bad as men saying they are superior simply because of some anatomy differences.  I’m pretty oblivious to gender.  Or race.  Or whatever.  I don’t really care what you are.  We are people.  So why don’t we just treat each other that way.  We all deserve to be respected and viewed as a person.  When you decide to elevate that level of respect by doing something worthy of more than simply humaning, it doesn’t matter what your background is.  It doesn’t matter if you’re red, blue, green, yellow, or mahogany.  That Golden Rule thing.  Why shouldn’t it always apply?

One response to “Humaning

  1. I think it’s perfectly ok for groups of people with common interests to get together and do whatever it is their interests are. Ever heard of a book club? People who like to read books and discuss books. I don’t read books so I don’t join the club. A “group for females only who share an interest” just means, to me and hopefully any logical person who chooses to think about things rather than react, says that it’s a group of females that want to share and discuss their interests with other females and get other females opinions on them. I’m not a female, and I don’t have “female” type of opinions or thoughts, so I don’t join. What’s wrong with only wanting female opinions on something? It’s like a group of book readers who want to share, discuss, or contemplate the challenges that Scarlett O’Hara face fighting for her plantation in Gone with the Wind, then to watch her willing to give it all up. I didn’t read the book, nor do I have any desire, so why would I join and share my thoughts? They aren’t valuable to anybody in the group.

    Women will never be equal in every way. Our minds and bodies are built different, that’s fact. The way we think and the way we act will be different. And a lot of that could possibly be due to or influenced by being raised as a woman or a man. Nature vs. nurture; I don’t know the science there though. Either way, people are different and have different capabilities, limitations, thoughts, ideas, and interests that are not just limited to sex. But many of them fall into the broadly defined categories of sex based capabilities or limitations. For example, many women do not poses the physical strength to through a person over their shoulder and carry that person out of a burning building. Sure, that may be because most women don’t do as much strength training as men and if they did they probably would be able to accomplish this feat. But, there are men that can’t be firefights because they physically, no matter how hard they train, cannot perform to the minimum physical standard due to a physical limitation; little people. Anybody that trains for, and can complete the tasks assigned, should be available to fill applicable positions.

    Sexism does exist, but forming a group to share and express opinions, thoughts, and interests, etc. isn’t it, nor is it racism, or any other –ism. I wouldn’t mind joining a group that gave me opinions on how to dress as a while male to look more “in style”. Wait, I don’t care about what is really in style. (Digression, I do. Wait, I’ll stop.)

    Now, how women are treated, or men, or any specific race, or any other category of people? That is a different question. Everybody should be afforded the opportunity to apply themselves where they want and to strive for the goals they set. There might be limitations based on sex, or even based on race (but I can’t think of any based on race). But if women really want to do something, and they can do it just as good as a man, or whoever it is that “traditionally” does the job, then they should be afforded a perfectly fair opportunity for applying for that job. Here it is all about treatment.

    Now, when you take those organizations and advocate and push for change that is a different story. For example, your female group wants to push to have ALL smocks fit better for boobs, even if some are to be worn by men (I don’t know what a smock is; I don’t think I wear them). That is, like you said, “fighting for better rights”. But, you can easily change the toon to something along the lines of, “Smocks are not made to fit the female anatomy properly. Someone should make smocks to better fit boobs and there should be options for all, men and women! SMOCKS FOR EVERYONE!” Then they proceed on doing what it takes to make sure smocks are made with many options to include those preferred by women. Then everyone has EQUAL opportunity to smocks that fit them the way they prefer. I hope that all feminist (what’s the opposite? Found it, masculinist. Wait, not an opposite, more to follow), race, religion, and sexual orientation groups push for the equality position in things.

    Digression: But why is it called feminism if we are arguing for equal rights for both men and women? More appropriately it should be called equalism or equa-sexism (yeah, made that one up!), equality for all sexes. I mean, I understand it is because females have not had the equal opportunity that males have had and it is THEIR push to gain that equal opportunity, hence it in their name, feminist. Just a curious digression. But while looking this up, I found this, Egalitarianism, favoring equality for ALL people.

    But back to the movements of feminist, race, and all other groups. I know humans are not perfect (and NOW THAT is a discussion; where and when and how do we become not perfect? What drives those moral fluxes in our mind?) and there are many people that are opportunists, lazy, or just strait up “takers” in life. I guess this is where the problem lays… morals, values, and right and wrong teachings.

    I like to think that I treat everyone the way I would like to be treated. I think I am generally helpful, I always try to smile (trust me, just smiling makes so many things better). In fact I can say that I am chivalrous at times. You know that opening a door for a lady and whatnot… But can that not be considered sexist? With “especially toward women” in the definition… I guess I am sexist, but you’ll have to deal with that. Consider it a custom and courtesy 😛 But even the people I that I may not think are “good” people I afford a minimum level of respect; I don’t try to hate anybody. You want to be part of a group that doesn’t include me? No problem, just don’t try and change my life in an unequal way with your group. I know I’m part of a group(s) that excludes people. But I make sure to not let that affect how I treat people and hopefully how my group, or club, or whatever you want to call it, treats people.

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