Here’s to 2017!

So it’s that time of year again. My main motivation for blogging today is that my OCD won’t allow me to not have a December post.  Haha. In keeping with sappy, traditional end of year posts, I will leave you with the short and sweet synopsis of my past year: I’ve reaffirmed I am extremely lucky to have the people I have in my life. Shocking, I know you didn’t think I’d go there. But I did! But in all seriousness, I have the greatest family. And yes, I do consider my friends family. Over the years we grow apart. We grow closer.  You see who’s there for you and who used to be there may no longer be – for whatever reason. It’s bittersweet in these moments,  but that’s part of life I guess.

For 2017, there’s no New Year’s resolutions… I’ll do better, I’ll quit this, etcetera, etcetera. I think I’ve already written a post about how when I want to change something I don’t need a new year to make it happen. But I do look forward to what the new year brings. I may move once or twice or not at all. A strange concept for me, but I look forward to the uncertainty. Hopefully, I will move at least once go to my next job, learn more about my career, meet new people, maybe say goodbye to some old people. To be determined.

Happy New Year,  Blog world! Hakuna Matata!