NY State of Mind

So I’m officially a New York State resident again. It’s kind of funny. I’ve always associated myself with being from NY and it will always be home. But this is the first time in my adult life that I’m actually living in NY.  I went to college in Florida when I was still 17 and haven’t been back other than visits since. Go figure! Granted,  I live in upstate NY now,  but it still feels more home than my previous digs have.  There’s just something about being close to mountains and having seasons and just the charm that is the greatest state that I can’t explain with words alone.  It’s that feeling of truly being somewhere you love.  You don’t need to DO anything to have that vibe. It’s sheer contentment sitting on your stoop or driving to nowhere and reveling in the beauty and magnificence of where you are. The feels are just there.  It’s simple and wonderful tied up in a bow and BAM! Home. 

I went home home (yes,  Brooklyn) for Easter weekend. It was nice. I didn’t tell all that many people I was returning. It was pretty sad to go home and not have the Ice puppy there.  Empty. ūüė¶  There’s no words that can make that go away. Maybe time helps. I don’t know yet.   The other day was the anniversary of my good friend who took his life. I’ve written about him before (re: Sandman) and I guess it is a true testament to time since it was the first year that I didn’t completely lose it thinking about everything.  I still miss him. I still wish he was with us and nothing will change that he wasn’t here for long enough.   But I think I’m finally accepting things and coming to peace with it. It’s a strange feeling. Part of me thinks that’s a betrayal of him – that somehow that makes me miss him less or not care. But the other part recognizes you can’t dwell on the what ifs or should haves. What’s done is done.  There’s still an empty void that will probably never be filled.

But back from that tangent, home was otherwise nice. Had some meals at my favorite restaurants with family,  got breakfast – I would call it brunch but apparently if you meet before 10AM the absolute earliest,  you’re out of your mind and it’s definitely breakfast – with some high school friends (we’ve known each other for over a decade!!! How crazy is that?!??!!), and, of course,  an amazing dinner for Easter at my aunt and uncle’s – with more family! Om nom. So much food and goodness!  Anyway. Life is good. 

Hakuna Matata!


Aspertame is banned in my country

Faithful readers!¬† If you are reading this, I thank you for not giving up on me!¬† Haha.¬† It has been quite a while – almost a month!¬† Insaneness.¬† I’m afraid this will be a rather long post as well, so brace yourselves!

Where to start.¬† I guess I will begin with before I left, yes, before I left.¬† Nothing all that exciting aside from my “normal routine” occurred, which is why I hadn’t really blogged about nothing.¬† My logic is flawless here.¬† ūüėĬ† I did go diving out in Wellington one day.¬† I saw starfish!¬† Real starfish! ūüėĬ† AND other fish that I couldn’t tell you their names, but they looked awesome.¬† And an octopus.¬† Awesomeness.¬† Never saw any of these things before just chilling unless it was at an aquarium and/or zoo.¬† So I was excited.¬† Then that Friday night – this is about three weeks ago, I think – a friend invited the fire club over for “Backyard Bonanza.”¬† I don’ t know if she properly considered the ramifications when she initially invited us, but it was an epic time.¬† Cupcakes, frosting (especially decorating at least one, if not more, person’s face), and fire.¬† Could you really ask for anything better?¬† Plus this happened to coincide with the night before I left – there I go again, with the leaving thing – so I was able to stay up much later than I probably would have if I decided to sit in my room all night.¬† Happiness!¬†¬† Afterwards, she drove me and a few other people home and I wasted time doing random things I didn’t really need to do, but helped me stay awake.¬† As this was almost a month ago, I couldn’t really tell you what that was, but it probably consisted of chatting to people on Skype from home and watching Outrageous Fortune.¬† Good stuff.¬† A show I would probably never watch, but have now become addicted to for whatever reason.¬†OH!¬† I am also now addicted to Castle.¬† I was VERY disappointed when I realized that I caught up to all the episodes, but what can you do.¬†

CRAP!¬† It started to rain!¬† RAIN!¬† And I am sitting outside trying to type this because it was such a nice day out two seconds ago!¬† ūüė¶¬† Postponing writing more until weather cooperates better – SORRY!

Anywho, where was I?¬† Right.¬† Saturday morning – we’re in the middle of April now – I went home!¬† YAY!!¬† I was SO excited to go, but I managed to sleep for most of the flight, so extremely happy about that!¬† When I got to LAX, I had to go through security and whatnot again, but it wasn’t terrible.¬† I charged my electronics and texted my US friends that I coud finally talk to again before getting on the next flight.¬† Six hours after a fourteen hour one is WAY too long!¬† On top of that, weather SUCKED at JFK so we circled above Cincinnati¬†for a while before circling above Long Island for AN HOUR!¬† A FREAKING HOUR!¬† After I have already been on planes and in airports for 20 hours!¬† ARGH!¬† They really need to do something about that!¬† And the stupid screen that kept saying 10 more minutes until our final destination.¬† Longest freaking¬†ten minutes…¬† Grrr….¬†¬† Anyway.¬† Once we landed I was able to run off the plane to meet with my parents.¬† Yes, both of them!¬† We proceeded to the car, which is normally uneventful and I probably wouldn’t mention, but I asked if I could sit in the front and then proceeded to go to the driver’s side.¬† Please note: I had NO intention of driving!¬† DAMN KIWIS!¬† They got to me and my brain!¬† AH!¬† Freaky.¬† But we then journeyed to Gino’s.¬† I love Gino’s! ūüėĬ† All in all, it was awesome to be back.

Sunday was false advertising.¬† I felt fine all day, went to church, as it was Palm Sunday, saw people, had an awesome lunch/dinner with good family friends, all good stuff.¬† Was feeling good.¬† Then Monday came.¬† And I thought I would die!¬† I couldn’t stop sleeping!¬† Stupid jet lag.¬† But I did manage to get some stuff down and laze¬†away with my puppy!¬† He’s such a good dog, but man he’s getting old!¬† I also ordered pictures from when I was in Europe so I could scrapbook.¬† I was very proud of myself – I narrowed it down to 540 shots! ūüėĬ† Tuesday I picked up said shots, met up with some people, relaxed, enjoyed myself, scrapbooked, such good times.¬† That was pretty much my week with some naps and whatnot¬†thrown in.¬† Wednesday, I did drive into Queens -and¬†I didn’t get lost! – to get some friends and we proceeded on to some supermarket in New Jersey.¬† I miss a lot of people in New York, but I didn’t realize how much I really missed some of the conversations we have in person.¬† It was nice to have REAL conversations with people, even if not everyone I wanted to be there was present.¬† I suppose that’s what happens when people study abroad in China and go to unis in PA and such. ūüė¶¬† They were missed too, but it was nice to have some quality time with my two favorite Asians! ūüôā¬† Plus one of them is going through a similar situation to mine, so it was nice to rant/get advice/know I’m not alone in certain aspects of things.¬† Since we were still in Jersey and didn’t feel like going home when we were gone with the Japanese supermarket, we ventured down to visit another friend who goes to school there.¬† We didn’t stay long, but I hadn’t seen her in YEARS, so it was nice to finally get together.¬†

Then we ventured back to Queens, where my brother’s flight was getting in and the Asians were dropped off at home.¬† The rest of the week I basically already said what I did, but i¬†left out all the adventures in choiring!¬† Haha.¬† Gotta love Holy Week!¬† Yes, many, MANY hours were spent at church singing/playing flute/praying, etc for choir practice, Holy Thursday, Good Friday, the Easter Vigil, yeah you get the point.¬† Easter was FINALLY a GORGEOUS day – the first since I had been home!¬† 80 degrees and sunny, no joke!¬† I could have FRIED if I stayed outside for any period of time.¬† Saw the family and whatnot, so good times.¬† I like my family.¬† I really do!¬† Saturday was also a fun day – sorry for the confusingness¬†with the jumping of the days, you should know my mind can’t think straight by now – met with former fencing teammates in the city.¬† Spent most of the day meandering from food place to food place, so obviously life was good!¬† Then Monday¬†I went back to the city with my aunt for an amusing lunch and whatnot.¬† If people had someone like my aunt in their lives – mind you, she is also my godmother – the world would be a better place.¬† EVERYONE should have an aunt like mine (Not to say I don’t love my other aunts, but my godmother and I have an extremely interesting and different¬†relationship!)!¬†¬†I also think it’s worth¬†mentioning that the Brooklyn accent most DEFINITELY comes out when I have spent any amount of time with her, much to the annoyance of other people.¬† ūüôā

Tuesday I spent the day with my mommy, as I left Tuesday evening for Florida.¬† I never thought it was humanly possible to miss Florida as much as I did, but it is.¬† Well, maybe I didn’t really miss Florida – I missed certain people there.¬† My AMAZING friend who I MOST DEFINITELY could not live without picked me up from the airport in Orlando that night and we then spent the remainder of the evening (and most hours in the morning) properly catching up and being all happy and yeah.¬† As she kindly pointed out, we hadn’t seen each other in 235 days.¬† WAY TOO LONG if you ask me.¬† Even if you don’t ask me!¬† So it was nice having her to myself and all that.¬† There are friends that definitely change the way you think about things and life in general and I have to say she is one of them.¬† I thank her for that.¬† The next¬†few day were¬†also exciting, as I managed to end up with two cars at one point, see a WHOLE bunch of people I hadn’t seen in ages, get along with my brother (and meet his girlfriend), break into a car, and take care of some other pressing issues – like sorting out where I was living once I get back in July.¬† Good times.¬†

I find it amazing and amusing and I can’t think of another adjective that begins with an ‘a’ to convey my point, but I think two suffices for now at how excited I can be to see certain people.¬† Like there are people who¬†I am happy to see when I do, but then there are people who¬†I can’t WAIT to see, and others that I could care less if I saw them or if I didn’t.¬† But there are some people¬†who literally just make me smile and instantly happy when I see them, especially if¬†I can¬†catch them by surprise.¬† I mean, those people who¬†just make you feel that everything is right even if the world was about to end in five minutes, but you wouldn’t care because you were with those people you loved and cared about.¬† That’s what I missed most about Daytona, I have to say.¬† To me, Daytona really doesn’t offer much.¬† Sure, I enjoy Riddle, I am happy with the education there, and whatnot, but honestly, once I graduate there is nothing there for me aside from the people.¬† And unfortunately, most of them will be gone by then too.¬† I don’t know how or when it happened, but I grew to love a handful of people who are in Daytona right now.¬† There are not many people I become close to, but the ones I do matter and make such a difference.¬† It’s what makes being in New Zealand so hard sometimes.¬† Knowing my parents and family are in New York (or there abouts) and that the other people I truly love are in Florida.¬† It’s so damn far away.¬† And while I am enjoying time here, I can’t help but miss my friends.¬†

Man, that was a lot of sentimental stuff.¬† Alright, I’ll stop now.¬† But no promises – the time in Daytona proved to be quite an emotional one (no, not in a bad way, just yeah….).¬† I left on Saturday afternoon and leaving the car of a friend who dropped me off at the airport proved incredibly hard to do.¬† I cannot honestly remember a time that I so adamantly did not want to leave.¬† These attachments we form make such things so hard to do.¬† But eventually I did, I said goodbye, and I was on my way back to the other side of the world.¬† Water streaming from my eyes at¬†various intervals¬†that some of you humans might refer to as tears?¬† NEVER!¬† The sun was in my eyes!¬† Know this, any and all of you in Daytona¬†(well you all are probably not there anymore until fall, but you know what I mean) who are reading this: I miss you and I love you and I should have said that in person, but I’m not very good with words regarding feelings sometimes, as you might have noticed.¬†

The flights back weren’t terrible.¬† I slept for most of them, thankfully.¬† The 777 (yes, you were right ūüôā ) was probably the NICEST plane¬†I have ever been on – I can see why Air New Zealand is rated No. 1!¬† Damn!¬† Cool lights, awesome entertainment, places to hook up your iPods or anything else that can be used from a USB, and the list goes on!¬† I was impressed.¬† I got back Monday morning though, which means I completely lost a day.¬† Psh..¬† Who needs May 1st?!¬† Returning to Massey was exciting as I saw al you people I haven’t seen in two weeks!¬† The harassing from me started up right away with one of my friends demanding to know if I saved all of my energy over the past two weeks JUST to pick on her when I got back.¬† Her answer: yes!¬† ūüôā¬† Love you!¬† Went to classes, much to the surprise of my one friend who manages to ALWAYS sleep through his, then crashed relatively early – aka, 7PM.¬† BUT I slept until 7AM with few wake-ups in between, so go me! ūüėĬ†

Tuesday was slightly better dealing with jet lag¬†than when I had gone home, but by 9PM, I was done and had to leave fire club, yes fire club, early!¬† DEPRESSING!¬† But I had enough sense to accept that it would not be conducive to my health or those surrounding me to play with actual fire when I kept dropping non-fire poi for the previous hour and a half.¬† So I went off to bed and yeah…¬† Slept!¬† I love sleep!¬†¬† PLUS I also brought Twinkies to the meeting.¬† Man, are Kiwis amusing!¬† Apparently you can’t get Twinkies here so most of them have never had them.¬† Interesting enough even though I tried to warn them that Twinkies really were not all that appetizing.¬† Oh well, nothing like first hand experience!¬†

I honestly cannot remember yesterday.¬† I went to classes, I even did an assignment that isn’t due until the end of the month, and had dinner with people, but aside from that, I have NO recollection of what happened or anything. OH NO, WAIT!¬† I went to a meeting as the Food and Accommodation¬†Rep.¬† Yes.¬† We discussed… food and accommodation.¬† Man, maybe the jet lag is worse than I thought today…¬†

Today was fairly routine, I hate to say.  Back into the grind.  Oh well!  Had to go back there sometime!  But now it appears time for food and celebrating of the three-day weekend that has commenced!  More sooner than last time, I hope! 

Thanks for reading!