“Forgiveness is a decision, not an emotion. Hopefully, though, our emotions follow.”

That’s pretty powerful. I think this is applicable to other nouns as well. Love is an emotion. We can’t control how we feel. But we can control our actions. If we decide to. It seems logical that hate too, is an emotion. But is it?  Or do we decide to hate because of how something or someone makes us feel?  Do we hate because we’re angry – another emotion. Or because we’re afraid? Hurt? Envious?  I’m not a psychologist by any means. I took Psych 101 my freshman year of college and an ethics class as an exchange student 2011. That’s about the level of education I really have on this topic.  I also remember my senior year of high school health class where my teacher professed there are only 3 emotions and everything else stems from them. Those were fear, anger, and love.

But aren’t these the very things that motivate us to make the decisions we make?  You don’t do something you don’t enjoy without a reason.  It makes someone you care about happy.  It pays bills.  Whatever. There’s some kind of reward to it that you can see.   At any rate. Isn’t it a good premise to abandon grudges? Use your energy on something you enjoy rather than stewing about something you hate? I’m not saying it’s easy.  But if we decide to move on and focus on the better…  isn’t that better for everyone?

My $0.02. Happy Sunday! Hakuna Matata!



Facebook has that nifty feature that allows you to see your memories ‘on this day’.  I have mixed feelings about seeing some of my old posts, but overall, I think it’s pretty cool.  Apparently, a year ago today, I added a new post to this wonderful blog and so I decided to go back and read it.  The interesting thing about reading things I’ve written is that I can literally be transported to that moment in time when I was writing it.  It seems like yesterday and all the thoughts and emotions and ideas that I had in the moment of writing those words come flooding back.  Last week I stumbled upon some of the stories I started writing when I was living in Germany and felt the same rush of thoughts, even if the words I was reading had nothing to do with anything else going on at the time.  I guess it’s comparable to when you hear a certain song and can think of the first time you heard it or the time you and your bestie rocked out to it on that epic road trip or whatever.  Same thing for my writing.

So I was transported back to a year ago.  Pretty crazy how much has changed since then.  I’ve traveled across the Pacific Ocean since then, moved from Hawaii to California, drove across the country to move back to the East Coast not too long after that, dove between continental shelves, drove the perimeter of Iceland, cruised on the Baltic Sea, and started going back to school.  Yeah, I’ve been meaning to update this thing for a while.  The same thing happened when I started reading stories from over 5 years ago now.  Some days, I can’t fathom how it has been that long.  Part of me is curious to go back to reading some of the stuff from here when I first started this thing IN NEW ZEALAND!  In 2011!!!  :O  How is that possible?!

Anyway, I really have no exciting things to write about on this topic other than I was transported to the past and it made me excited (and sad and happy and all those other things) and so I wanted to share.  And of course the pledge to update more frequently.  But we all know I’m pretty unreliable in that area.  So.  Happy Wednesday!  Hakuna Matata!