I’ve been wondering a lot lately why we like the people we like.  Not just in terms of love, but platonic ones as well: the guy you met on the train one day or the person you’ve called your best friend since you were nine.  Why do we like the people we hang out with?  Are they that much more interesting than us?  Do they have something that much more to offer that we need their presence to get through life? I’m not really sure, I’ve just found that at times, I absolutely love being around people and other times, I want nothing to do with them.

I usually have to mentally prepare myself for being around people. When I wake up, I go to work and I know I’m going to have to have some type of interaction. Luckily, the humans I work with realize morning is not my cup of tea and let me do my thing. My roommates have all been pretty good about this too. My roommate from Italy loved the morning as much as I did and we developed our own routine of grunts and nods to get ready for the day. Life was good. By noon, I’m ready to deal with humans. But by the evening, I’m done, I need my Lauren time. Leave me alone. Of course there are exceptions, but not many.
But a lot of the people I know and have come to care about don’t seem to operate under these same conditions. Its difficult for me to comprehend sometimes. Do you seriously need that much company all the time? Or is it that the people you hang out with are that awesome? Granted, the beings I associate with are all pretty awesome, but I still don’t want to be around them 24/7. I love you, but why? Can someone please explain why it is we like other people? Chances are, they’ve all done something terrible- I think we all have our faults and it’s part of being human. But why do we feel that need to be there for each other? To want to be around certain people all the time (once again, I’m not just referring to romantic relationships in this)?
Just a little something to think about! Hakuna Matata!

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